A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)

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2. Missouri Botanical Gardens

Another cost is that many of the historic sites we visit have admission fees. I will post these when I schedule the meetup. Pay the annual fee for hosting a meetup. Pay for nametags and printer ink 3.

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OK, how do I pay? Three ways to choose from: 1. You can send me a private email through meetup and I can send you my address. Since you have 6 months of a trial period, you can come to an activity in the 6 months and pay me at the first event you attend. This has proven to be the most popular method. You can pay online through meetup.

What days of the week will events be on? How often are events? I have a full-time job and 4 boys and a husband who keep me busy, and as of , a daughter-in-law! One of the reasons I started this meetup was because other meetups I was interested in primarily met in St. Louis on weekdays we live in Illinois. I also have to work around high school cross country, ice hockey, and track meets! There will be some Sunday events — especially during cross country season when Saturdays are filled with meets.

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Since some historic sites are open only on weekdays, there will occasionally be meetups on weekdays. Starting in , three to four events are scheduled each month. In our first 3 years, we attended 2 events a month, but with membership growing, we are upping the meetups to per month. What about after the event? I look for the top rated restaurant in the area of the historic site. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better AND try out new restaurants. I will call the restaurant beforehand to make sure they can handle a group our size. Has the organizer checked out the events beforehand?

Are there any rules for membership? As a social group, our objective is to have fun! I realize that occasionally last-minute happenings might make it impossible to change your RSVP, but this should be a rare exception, not the rule. And on the occasion where the event is limited, holding a space for yourself when others are on the waiting list, then not showing up, is just incredibly inconsiderate.

If your plans change, update your RSVP right away. This is important!. For some events, we will have a waitlist, and those people will need to know as soon as possible if they make it in. There can be a lot of movement on the waitlist in the last 48 hours as people realize they have double booked or other things have come up. That should be easy. In the winter months, I have a pink coat that should stand out. This most definitely includes historic sites suggestions and restaurant suggestions. And, by all means, if anyone has a negative experience at any event, please bring it to my attention at once.

Participating in our events is supposed to be fun as well as informative! Louis area! Hope to see you soon! General boundaries of our historic sites.

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The town of Elsah, IL is a very unique town. If you haven't seen it before, now is your chance. All but one of its pre buildings still stand. We will meet at the Civic Center Old Schoolhouse at We can look around the Old Schoolhouse while anyone without a ticket purchases one. It begins at and continues until We can get lunch whenever it suits us and walk around the village at our own pace.

Join us as we open the holiday season and our homes. It is believed that he named the village of Elsah after Ailsa Craig, the last outcropping his family saw as they departed Scotland for the US. The other two districts are both located on Mill Street and are primarily residential; the larger one is three blocks long and has an assortment of stone and brick houses, while the smaller section has a single block of Greek Revival homes. When something of the old remains in this dynamic society it is, of course, usually a building.

But most old buildings stand isolated and strange amid modernity, and tell no more of the past than a stranded whale tells of the open ocean. Elsah is such a town. Almost all of a piece, it gives us a strong hint of the setting of nineteenth century life along the river.

Mills, warehouses, river shipping, two railroads, numerous local businesses, and throngs of farmers during the wheat shipping season all have disappeared. But many of the houses and commercial buildings remain, and it is they which make coming to Elsah like stepping back in time. Per tradition, we will finish out with a trip to the Missouri History Museum. The History Museum is free. We typically have time for 3 exhibits, but of course, you can stay for as long as you like.


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We'll meet in the front lobby - opposite side of the Jefferson statue. Likewise, the history of St. From its founding in to the Civil War period, the city was a vital trading post, launching point, and supply center for tens of thousands of immigrants, soldiers, explorers, naturalists, traders, Gold Rush miners, and pioneer families. Along the way, photojournalists have documented events big and small. Louis endlessly fascinating.

You don't have to arrive at 10am for the tour, but keep in mind that the museum closes at pm. There is no charge for the museum, but like most non-profits, they would be happy to accept donations! Many notable events mark the history of Carondelet, from the transfer of the Louisiana Territory to the United States in , to the sale of land that would become Jefferson Barracks to the US government, to the building of Union ironclads by James Eads during the Civil War; but perhaps most remarkable was the founding in of Des Peres School by Susan Blow daughter of diplomat and congressman Henry Blow, whose family owned and was central in the trial and eventual liberation of Dred Scott.

It was the first continuous public school kindergarten in the United States. The building was purchased in and added to the National Register of Historic Places in Our organization is dedicated to perpetuating the heritage of our unique community: Carondelet, Missouri, formerly an independent village, town and city and now a neighborhood of St. There are several permanent exhibits in the former Des Peres School. Encompassing the first floor hallway and both staircases is the Wall of Honor which honors Carondelet and other local veterans with individual photos.

Service members honored range from the Civil War to present conflicts.

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There are additionally numerous small exhibits throughout the building. Needs a location. What an adventure. Last Christmas I told my husband I wanted to get out and do things other than attend kids' sporting events. We both like history, so I thought I'd find a history group in meetup. And there are several, but none that did exactly what I wanted. So, I started this meetup. At the time I thought that if we found one or two others in the St. Louis area who liked going to historical places, that would be great. It seems to teeter several stories up, dangling off the edge of the roof.

Tour the brewery.

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Louisan, so you need to take it a step further. Louis pro sports team that will go unnamed, the Blues have made the playoffs the past six years, led by All-Star Vladimir Tarasenko , and won legions of loyal fans, from Jon Hamm to Tony X. Admire the Arch. The most postcard-perfect vantage point of the city skyline: the overlook at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park , across the river from the Arch. Rather sip while you admire? Try the rooftop patios at Three Sixty or Cielo.

Trendley, East St. Louis; 1 S. Broadway; N. Hear the blues at the National Blues Museum. Pick a favorite Louis has you covered. See a big name at the Peabody Opera House. Truman…and then sat dark for nearly 20 years. Its Art Deco design and velvet seats provide a civilized event alternative to the arena next door. See for yourself by catching two big-name St.

A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)
A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of St. Louis - Downtown (Look Up, America!)

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