Alaska! Up North and to the Left

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A History of Frustration

The Klondike Gold Rush slowed by the end of as word got out there was little gold left to be had.

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Countless miners had already left Yukon Territory penniless, leaving gold-mining cities such as Dawson and Skagway in rapid decline. Impact of the Klondike Gold Rush. Klondike Gold Rush Yukon Territory Adventure Learning Foundation. Yukon Archives.

Klondike Gold Rush. The Canadian Encyclopedia. The Klondike Gold Rush. University of Washington Libraries. Ton of Goods. What Was the Klondike Gold Rush? But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley in early sparked the California Gold Rush, arguably one of the most significant events to shape American history during the first half of the 19th century. As news spread of the discovery, thousands of prospective gold Both times the thief struck at night, breaking into the Oakland Museumthrough a locked door leading to an outdoor garden.

The goods stolen last November 12 included gold nuggets worth thousands of dollars and other items. This week, his target was a jewel box made of quartz and When we think of foods of the California Gold Rush, our thoughts are likely to turn to sourdough bread and Hangtown Fry. But a much more interesting phenomenon was at work in the gold fields of Northern California in the s: an out of control rate of inflation in the cost of But then he noticed a glinting rock in the dirt while constructing a new mill for local landowner John Sutter.

The Gold Rush that followed The Oregon Trail was a roughly 2,mile route from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon City, Oregon, which was used by hundreds of thousands of American pioneers in the mids to emigrate west. The trail was arduous and snaked through Missouri and present-day Kansas, Lawrence River would later enable France to The Northwest Passage is a famed sea route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through a group of sparsely populated Canadian islands known as the Arctic Archipelago.

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  6. European explorers first began to search for the Northwest Passage in the fifteenth century, but This Day In History. Gold Rush Alaska Starting in the s, prospectors trickled into the Yukon in search of gold. Little did they know their discovery would spur a massive gold rush. Yukon Gold Conditions in the Yukon were harsh and made communication with the outside word difficult at best. Dead Horse Trail The next leg of the trip was the most difficult no matter which trail a stampeder chose.

    The Effects of the Gold Rush Although the discovery of Yukon gold made a few lucky miners rich beyond their wildest dreams, many people made their fortunes off the backs of the miners chasing those dreams. Sources Gold Rush. The White Pass. According to scientists , things are getting worse—faster than predicted—putting people, wildlife, and nature at risk. While the nature and people of Alaska are being forced to live with irreversible change, the world still has the chance to slow it down and avoid the most extreme projections. But only if we act with urgency, and with local communities needs in mind.

    Here the biggest threat in many places is erosion. As climate change increases the frequency and severity of storms, it accelerates coastal erosion. In the north, this problem is made worse by thawing permafrost, which makes it harder to travel and hunt, and even complicates how researchers get into the field and do science. Meantime, the entire world is caught in a feedback loop. As permafrost thaws, it releases gases like carbon and methane, which further fuels global warming.

    The population of this remote native village fluctuates around people. While situated just south of the Arctic Circle, Port Heiden is directly impacted by what happens further north.

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    The loss of ice , strong storms and higher sea levels in Bristol Bay is stealing shoreline from Port Heiden with some locations losing upwards of 80 feet every year. The coast is largely comprised of pumice—a reminder of the nearby dormant volcano—and it erodes easily. Beginning in the late s, the community began moving the entire village inland, building by building. The last person remaining in the old village moved out in One of the old houses now sits near the village offices while the search for a permanent home continues.

    Back then it was a shorter walk to go visit somebody.

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    Back then it was quite different. Today homes are more spread out across town thanks to miles of old military roads. And while the erosion no longer threatens homes, the entire community still feels the effects of a changing climate every day around the kitchen table. She grew up in Port Heiden and now works for the village. The rate of erosion over the past two decades is twice that of the period between and But without that ice presence, now the wave action is coming all the way to the beach and causing coastal erosion, and flood stages are very noticeable today.

    Communities in Alaska are resilient, in large part because adapting to change has always been a means of survival. But change is happening faster than any time in recorded history, faster than any one community can handle on its own. And unlike the tropics, where coastal ecosystems like coral reefs can provide natural infrastructure to buffer the impacts of rising sea levels, erosion and increasingly dangerous storms, there are few options for adapting in Alaska.

    But there are still ways for communities to adapt to the changing world around them. She worked with Port Heiden to integrate climate adaptation into community planning. As the traditional subsistence lifestyle changes in Port Heiden, the village is focused on growing its farming.

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    The Meshik Farm—named after the former village—raises chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs and a cow. The vision is for farming to provide more food security and improve physical and financial health for the village.

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    As part of its community planning, Port Heiden residents looked for opportunities beyond farming. When it gives way, the village might once again get a safe harbor for its boats, something that could allow Port Heiden to become a hub on the peninsula, something some residents have wanted to explore. The local community would need to come up with more than one third of the cost, according to the mayor. Brower, Jr. While the entire world must work toward limiting warming by reducing emissions and transitioning to renewables, people in Alaska are looking for leaders to simply listen and then make decisions with their stories—and climate change—top of mind.

    I don't even know if they wanna even know.

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    This is where we used to be, this is where we are now and this is where we wanna go in the future. Smart government decision-making and access to information can open a more accessible pathway toward building community-wide resilience.

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    In places like Bristol Bay, that means declining to move forward with new development that threatens natural resources in favor of sustainable development plans that allow people and nature to survive.

    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left
    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left
    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left
    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left
    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left
    Alaska! Up North and to the Left Alaska! Up North and to the Left

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