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Bug is an agile fighter who channels many of his powers through his helmet, which grants him greater visibility through the red bug-like lenses. His antennae allow him to communicate with other antennae-having creatures, and he can cling to walls. James Gunn even revealed that Bug was in an early script draft for the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, since he joined the team in the comics in Firefly wears a fireproof battle suit and is always equipped with a flamethrower, incendiary ammunition, and explosive agents.

He compulsively sets fires, and once burned himself in a chemical explosion before having developed his protective costume. Lynns also uses a jetpack for high-speed flight and quick getaways. Killer Moth was once an unsuccessful small-time criminal named Drury Walker, who adopted the persona of a millionaire philanthropist named Cameron van Cleer to befriend Bruce Wayne.

Under his Killer Moth persona, he then went head-to-head with Batman and Robin using his weaponry like an infrared Moth Signal and his Mothmobile. The character debuted in , but was largely seen as a joke, portrayed in most appearances as incompetent and dressed in a bright purple, green, and orange costume.

While he himself has no inherent superpowers, he uses tech like a cocoon gun that fires sticky threads, and he was once metamorphosized into a giant part-moth creature with wings, an exoskeleton, and acid spit. He has appeared in numerous animated series like The Batman and Teen Titans and was even in an episode of the live-action s Batman show that never aired.

Though her powers are not typically insect-themed, Mantis has a bug codename and an alien appearance that includes antennae and green skin. Though not every version appears this way, Mantis undeniably has origins in insect-theming. She is an expert martial artist and is believed to be the Celestial Madonna by a Kree sect called the Priest of Pama. Her powers of empathy allow her to mentally influence many types of life, especially as seen in the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

In addition, she has complete meditational control over her body and its various autonomic functions, and can separate her physical and astral forms to project her consciousness across space. Mantis is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated.

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Karen Beecher-Duncan debuted in in the Teen Titans series, and also became a prominent member of the Doom Patrol. At the time of her premiere, she was the girlfriend of Mal Duncan, also known as the Herald, a member of the Teen Titans at the time. Karen was a scientist and devised a bee-themed supersuit in order to help her boyfriend look good in front of his team- she then attacked the Titans, escaped, and returned later to explain her plan. Bumblebee has the power to shrink to insect-size and her solar powered suit has wings that enable flight, and she can unleash electrical stings.

Whatever Happened to the Boy Wonder? Bring Robin Back to the Big Screen |

Yellowjacket is a supervillain moniker that has been utilized by several people in the Marvel Universe, including Hank Pym, Rita DeMara, and most recently Darren Cross. Cross is the archenemy of Scott Lang, the second bearer of the Ant-Man mantle. This change was not introduced into the comics until Darren Cross became Yellowjacket in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Soul Coughing - Lazybones

Beyond the use of his Yellowjacket suit, Cross is a scientist and businessman, having founded the million-dollar Cross Technological Enterprises corporation. After acquiring both an enhanced pacemaker and a Pym Particle-infused heart during a transplant, Cross became strong, agile, and able to shift his size. Blue Beetle is an identity used by three different heroes across the years since the original being a man named Dan Garrett, created by Fox Comics and later Charlton Comics.

He gained superpowers including flight and energy blasts from a sacred scarab and had both his own comic series and a weekly radio serial.

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Ted Kord was folded into the DC Comics universe during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and while he has no superpowers, he has a genius intellect and utilizes themed tech including an airship called the Bug, a BB gun, sight-enhancing lenses, and a protective costume. The third Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, returns to the origin of a mystical alien scarab that gives the new crimefighter a suit of extraterrestrial armor that enables flight, energy shields, and translation of alien languages.

The Blue Beetle mythos incorporates all three men into the legacy of the name and costume, evolving over time after the property came to DC Comics. The Wasp mantle has been used by two women in Marvel Comics, but most notably is the crimefighting name of Janet van Dyne, a socialite and founding member of the Avengers team. This is the harder story to tell. This does not compute. Because this is one of the most fascinating aspects of Bruce Wayne. A family that he adopted.

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That he built because he needed one to replace what he had lost. This is what makes Batman one of the most singular superheroes out there.

Ignoring that is paring him down to every other big grunt in a suit who can punch someone in the face. In fact, it shows every sign of hope. And despite the current dogma, hope can be associated with Batman. It should be. Each member of the Bat family—Grayson in particular—is there to be a potentially better version of what Batman strives for. Their collective existence prevents Bruce Wayne from disappearing into that cowl.

When Batman falls and he does, often and hard , some member of that family will be there to remind him why he is getting back up. Not Schumacher light of course, just… a few shades brighter than Nolan. It would be nice to see someone try their luck on the tougher road, and give the Dynamic Duo another chance under cover of darkness.

The Bug Lyrics by Soul Coughing

After all, a Batmobile can only do so much. Another pair of hands will always prove more valuable than the trust fund, if only for your sanity and some small scrap of happiness. Emily Asher-Perrin really needs to see Batman be a dad on film. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

Batman & Robin [Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture]

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Does it maybe require a certain amount of skill that no one is willing to bring to the table?

Batman and Robin: The Bug
Batman and Robin: The Bug
Batman and Robin: The Bug
Batman and Robin: The Bug
Batman and Robin: The Bug
Batman and Robin: The Bug

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