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What’s the Point of Book Trailers?

If you intend to create an interview-style trailer, script the questions and the answers carefully. The programs are fairly intuitive, but if you have any problems, you can always ask questions in the help forums, flag down a local tech genius, or Google for a comprehensive how-to article. Image, video, and audio files are readily available on the Internet in three primary ways: royalty free, Creative Commons License, and public domain. A site that provides files labeled with a Creative Commons License is much more attractive to the budget-conscious author.

Most image, audio, and video files bearing CC licensing are free to use, but allow the photographer, musician, or video creator to set limitations. Be sure to check the licensing agreement for every file you select and follow the restrictions to the letter.

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There are hundreds of thousands of audio clips, both music and sound effects, available on stock websites. You can find sound effects of everything from crickets chirping and coyotes howling to a phone ringing and a door slamming. Also think outside of the cyber box.

Consider the resources all around you: a local band, members of your church choir, or the music program director at a university who can work with the students to score the story for your book trailer. Ask an actor or voice-over artist from your local theater or community college program to narrate. You may already know talented people who can help with your project and many of them would enjoy being involved. You can also reach out to people online. What about contacting up-and-coming musicians on MySpace to ask permission to use and credit their music in your book trailer?

Or post an ad on Craigslist in the creative gigs section for voice-over talent. Royalty-free sound effects and music: SoundSnap. Still image and video files are easy to find on stock websites, but prepare to spend a significant amount of time searching for exactly what you want. Other options may be right in your own neighborhood. Consider contacting the appropriate department to have them connect you with a student.

Some cities have local cable television facilities and equipment that can be rented or used for free by residents. Or, if you are or know a good photography or video hobbyist with personal equipment, you can set up the exact shots you want for your book trailer.

How To Create A Book Trailer

Royalty-free still images and video: iStockphoto , Shutterstock , and Thinkstock. The good news is that YouTube is not the only virtual cinema in cyber town. There are several video-sharing sites with unique benefits like pay-per-view revenue generation get paid as your book trailer views increase and video mail e-mail blast your video to friends, family, and other biologically-related spam victims.

Check out the features on Metacafe , Vimeo , blip. The key to book sales is raising awareness. The more often readers see your book, the more opportunities you have to catch their attention. Annette blogs about writing and book marketing at www. She is the former senior editor of WOW! Women On Writing.

Taking the viewer from point A to point B precisely the way you want it to. Storyboards matter because they let you get a clear view of how all the significant elements of your trailer are coming together visual cues, the script, voice over, animations , and how these elements interplay even before you have to invest even more time and money bringing the whole project to reality. Example of a video storyboard.

Step 2: Create book trailer slides in Canva

Yet, having an awesome book trailer doing the rounds and showcasing your work, to strangers and fans alike, in a compelling and exciting way can make all the difference in the world toward achieving your goal. Ensuring each of these critical elements is developed correctly is a good step towards being head-and-shoulders above most other authors who try to improvise a fantastic trailer that every good book deserves.

So, what are you waiting for? Crack those knuckles, open up a file, and start working on that awesome book trailer!

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Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer
Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer
Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer
Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer
Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer
Create Your First Book Trailer Create Your First Book Trailer

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