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Do It Carefully introduces discriminating between different shapes, letters, and words; writing letters and the child's name; and hearing several initial consonant sounds.

Some exercises are included to develop thinking skills. This series is designed to be used at home with parental guidance and provides constructive materials in preparation for school.

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It will help to answer the preschooler's question "What can I do? Six page workbooks give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, learning numbers, recognizing letters, and following directions.

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Synonyms for carefully anxiously attentively conscientiously correctly deliberately delicately discreetly faithfully fully gingerly laboriously meticulously precisely prudently rigorously scrupulously thoroughly thoughtfully warily circumspectly concernedly dependably exactly fastidiously guardedly heedfully honorably in detail particularly providently punctiliously regardfully reliably solicitously trustily uprightly vigilantly watchfully with forethought with reservations MOST RELEVANT.

It was very improbable, but Robert thought enough of it to look about him carefully.

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How carefully I packed my pipe, gazing serenely over the roofs of Paris. Loving chocolate.

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Loving chocolate makes losing weight difficult for Linda. Here are some quick guidelines:.

If you missed this question, go back and reread this post. Or make a little card to carry with you:.

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Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!
Do It Carefully! Do It Carefully!

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