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When he senses Ciaran's distress, he offers to fight by her side-forever.

Who Did You Kiss in the Dream?

She accepts, but she has vowed not to let a man invade her heart, not even this one. Together they must use their powers to stop the ankou pack leaders before they take dominion over the waking world. But will Keoni's own dream of saving tainted souls lead them right into a trap? Rogue Rider. Larissa Ione. Holiday Abduction. Eve Langlais. Alexia Purdy. Blood Engines. Russell Robinson.

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Jessa Slade. Diary of a Minecraft Steve Warrior Book 2. Steve the Warrior. Chelsea Rockner. Call of Descent. Brandi M.

Dark Dark Dark - In Your Dreams

Mark Mulle. Origins of an African Elemental. Alicia McCalla.

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Beyond Horizon's Edge. Mike Lynch. Sean Schubert. The Immortal's Unrequited Bride. Kelli Ireland. You can read more about what it means to dream about cheating in this post. We dream of kissing all kinds of things. Sometimes our dreams about kissing are gross, strange, or awkward.

For instance, the kiss may be awful or you might have something in your mouth that is preventing you from a good kiss. All of the details around the kiss are important. These are dream images, i. Always remember that your dreams are aiming at your psychological wholeness. For Jung, personality was equivalent to soul. The meaning of kissing depends on culture and context. It can indicate love and passion, romance and attraction, and in a more ritualistic context, kissing can indicate devotion, respect, or reverence.

It is just a matter of which perspective you revere more. Kissing in fairy tales and mythology is associated with bringing someone back to life or with breaking a curse, as we see in the stories of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and in the myth of Baldr and the mistletoe.

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In relationship to the latter, note that kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition associated with the Christian celebration of re birth and eventually, resurrection. In terms of dream imagery, we would speak of feeding symbolically — as in spiritual food. You can take what I am about to say regarding the following dream and apply it to your partner kissing any other woman, whether it be your sister, a friend, enemy, or even a strange woman.

A young woman recently told me a dream that she had about her boyfriend kissing his ex-girlfriend. Not true. Maybe she does feel threatened or insecure in general, but this dream about kissing is not about her jealousy or insecurity. In every post about dreams, I show you how to extract dream meaning and amplify symbolism.


The dream represents something going on below the surface of your consciousness. Please forgive me for repeating myself, but I have to say this in every post. A dream about kissing, in this case, a dream about your partner kissing someone else is not a literal statement about the objective world. And as I have already said, neither is the dream a statement of your insecurity or jealousy.

If you are jealous or insecure about your partner stepping out with another person, then you already know that. Dreams tell you what you do not know. In my experience, jealousy and insecurity about another person have more to do with us not recognizing our own value. Generally, we can see that value in others, but not in ourselves.

What Does It Mean When I Dream About Kissing?

When we feel jealousy over a person in our dream, then something within us longs to be fulfilled or realized. The person of whom we are jealous appears to have it. The idea is that you want to realize it in yourself, not take it away from another person. For the most part, the people in our dreams are symbolic representations of different aspects of our personalities.

Those aspects can be positive or negative although negative is a loaded word. It seems this dream was reminding me to be comfortable taking action in the world, as you said. Being okay with taking the reigns once in a while. She of course was absolutely appalled. Now, this woman was unbearable to be around because she was simply not an authentic person. She was very self-righteous and opinionated. She needed to let loose and integrate her shadow side, something she had yet to discover for herself. A person with a dream such as this needs to do some serious self-reflection and discover the many ways in which she is not better, and perhaps, even worse.

One has to find the attitude to which such dream imagery points. The dream is an attempt at psychic balance. This wholeness is actually the aim of all dreams. Shadow figures represent our unconsciousness. Your shadow is not necessarily negative qualities.

It is also positive qualities that you cannot see. The boyfriend is an image for her inner masculine. In the lexicon of C. All women have something to learn from their relationships with and to men.

Try to see what you project onto the men in your life, as well as onto men in general. What values, traits, or power do you give to men? Always remember they are your own traits as well. All of this is an image for your relationship with your inner masculine. He is also a representation of how she thinks about the world. When a woman has a negative animus , she will have an inner persecutor that drives her mad.

In addition, she will be hyper-judgmental, -opinionated, and -conventional.

Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss
Dreams Dark Kiss Dreams Dark Kiss

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