How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother

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For all of you creative types, you can go crazy with almost anything that will pop with color or will stick to the wrapping paper. But for those of you who are not so creative, I wont leave you hanging. Bellow are some examples of easy ways to really wow the people who are getting your gifts. I went to the dollar store and picked up some basic fun supplies that anyone can find at the craft section. I used some basic white and brown paper as a base and then went crazy with the rest of the ribbons, yarn, pearls, buttons and other things I found. I chose to cut up different sized pieces of tape and stick it on the white wrapping paper in different directions.

I finished it off with a gold rope to give it a polished look. I really like using butcher paper to wrap gifts. It is a little bit thicker then regular wrapping paper, which makes it much easier to manipulate while it wont rip as easily. I found different color green pompons and thought they would be a great addition to the butcher paper. I used my glue gun to glue these pompoms and then wrapped the box with some gold ribbon. You can play with the colors of the ribbon and pompoms to create different looks.

May 4, Where has this year gone?! For me, gift giving is as much about the gift wrap as it is about the gift. Check out the links below to all of the products used for these ideas! Stamped Bags. To add a DIY element to these plain little mint gift bags obsessed with this color, btw , I used an arrow-like patterned stamp and purple ink to stamp along the edge of the bag. This keeps the bag simple but not plain. Polka-Dot Bags.

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Using dot paints, I simply stamped dots around the bag in two different colors to create a pretty polka-dot pattern. This also pairs really well with the next DIY! After my mom died, my dad told us not to get him any more Christmas gifts; so all five of us decided that he would never pay for a restaurant meal again, and told him that would be his gift.

He loved that and appreciated it because 1 he liked eating and 2 he liked eating in social situations. It worked out wonderfully well for the 5 years we had him after our mom died.

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I have been reading that experiences with loved ones bring much more joy than possessions. I know firsthand that my kids have toys still in their original boxes never opened that they have long outgrown. I'm now all about reducing the clutter, consumerism, conspicuous consumption, and materialism in my and my family's life. My peeps are getting experiences for Christmas: movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, snow tubing passes.

Best Christmas gifts for mums and mother-in-laws: top present ideas for 12222

Things they will do, remember, and not have to store or give away because no one ever seems to be able to give anything away, no matter how completely unused it is. Abandon the bigger box is better mentality. Give a memory. Simplify and be happier. I love the phrase "Give a memory. If I knew your real name, I'd attribute it My name is Donna Pirnat. I am in the business of giving memories, so to speak. Check out my website at EmbracePositiveTouch. Use your money to DO things that make you happy, not BUY things that you think will make you happy, but won't.

I am also the poster above, Unappreciated Ex Girlfriend.

Boy is my face red ;- Did a lot of posting on different articles last night under different pseudonymns, apparently. Oh well. But I always go back on that. I stress and stress about finding the perfect suitable present for each person -- I know I don't need to do this, and I know that the presents aren't expected, yet somehow I just fall into the trap every year. And no one ever acknowledges what we've send except our mothers. Am I just a glutton for punishment? Should I stop sending gifts to everyone except the people who actually seem to care -- my mom and mother in law??

I should add, too, that it's the same for our young son -- our mothers are the only ones who ever send him anything. I obviously get something out of giving presents, but there must be some sort of passive-aggressive crap going on if I feel like what I put so much thought into sending should be acknowledge and even reciprocated, right? Could this just be a way of our siblings saying: you really don't need to bother!!

I love giving gifts actually so I don't see what harm there is in your gifting without reciprocity. In fact, that seems like a good quality since you don't seem angry about it. What's wrong with generosity and thoughtfulness after all? It's the lack of acknowledgment that's a bit distressing Maybe contribute to a local charity or food bank? It's up to you, I think.

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And this is my personal opinion since I'm not a therapist. Yep when we have selflessness, we will never expect anything in return for whatever we give to other person, be it compassionate love, a material gift, etc. I think in gifting to others, we are just wasting resources of the mother earth which is limited since the other person might not really need it; what we are doing is just increasing wants of the people, the expectations of others whom we gift.

So I agree with you instead why not give it to someone who really needs it i. I wouldn't feel the need to buy for those who don't buy for me, especially if it's far-away family. I only buy for my immediate family that I see and know they'll be buying for me. I think that there are people who just give because that it's the appropriate thing to do, it is the only way that they know to express how they feel, words would ruin what they wish to convey, and they wish to show that they can provide for the person that they love and it gives them pleasure to give.. I also think that people also mistakenly believe that there must be reciprocity involved because a gift is given, especially in relationships and that many times this can ruin a perfectly great relationship - simply because gifts are only given at holidays and not at other times - as if there are on socially accepted times for gift giving; when any time is appropriate.

Any thoughts in the context of Gift giving in relationships? At first I was upset that my husband and his family did not participate in Christmas.

Young Dad Teaches Baby How to Gift Wrap for Mom

Now that we live states away from both sides of the family, not participating has become a blessing. We buy what we want when we want for ourselves to get exactly what we want including the holidays , and give to family when it is the right time to do so for them And since we are in a high rise, we can enjoy all the decorations around us outside without having to store any ourselves.

It's a whole new way of 'giving', with little to nothing holiday stress. I love Christmas. I enjoy shopping for others and look forward to their happy faces when they open their gifts. I come from a large family so we are an interesting assortment of givers My grandmother used to say that "gifts are freely given and freely received. Anything else is NOT a gift. They're obligations.

Providing parameters? Natural fabrics only? Good grief. The self congratulatory gift giver reminds all they know through out the year of the item they make people and dictates its value compared to Godiva chocolate. Sometimes the candy is made months in advance of Christmas so it is no longer fresh, if not actually the prior year's left overs. For their friends and extended family, they spend about one quarter to half as much.

All gifts are handed over in ziplocks, with no special attention to presentation. The goal is to give to as many people as possible and tell you about it. Children of the gift giver receive the oldest candy and are not given their choice of two candies. Of course, cash to buy clothing or shoes was not an option, nor could it be applied toward a non existing college fund. How about the husband's mother who constantly over 40 years of marriage gives a lousy gift.

An old woman who never even thinks about the gift she gives or totally angry she has to buy "something". Self centered, and does not care in the end, so why give gifts any more? Yep, my MIL is so cheap and stingy. Yet she buys herself the best of everything. She shows up to holiday events in new fancy clothes and gives her grandson one gift and complains about it. They have money of course.

Exploring the psychology of gift giving. Recognize anyone you know?

So gross. I am usually a pretty pessimistic person and have a darker view of the world than most people but I gotta admit, when it comes to presents, I am the person they described. I love them more than myself.

How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother
How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother
How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother
How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother
How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother
How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother How Do You Wrap That? The Gift I Gave My Mother

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