Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)

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Rubbed Caps. Friction on the low curbs. A micro cut head, a little lack tail. Second course very well. Paper in all very clean and fresh, but some spots on the title page caused by the winds. Internal hinge playing. A slightly emerged slip. Good copy. Hetzel et Cie 18 rue Jacob From: librairie Lire et Chiner Colmar, France. Hetzel et Cie 18 rue Jacob, Condition: TBE. Published by Hetzel, Paris About this Item: Hetzel, Paris, Minuscules taches noires sur la bordure rouge basse, une sur la bordure externe. Petites zones sombres dans le portrait.

Catalog D for attesting to the first edition. Editor's cartonnage says "To the glued portrait". Beautiful top plate, with very sharp and brilliant golds. Note that the vignette at the lighthouse is no longer sky blue but midnight blue. Tiny black spots on the low red border, one on the outer border. Small dark areas in the portrait. Coins a little folded. Back a little thinned, rather well, with the golds a little tarnished.

Upper cap soft, rubbed and sagging. Folded tail cap.


Pale foxinges scattered, together rather fresh, but foxing on the title page. Science fiction novel in which an island containing a whole city, is propelled by propellers. The protagonists are a quartet of musicians, allowing Verne to convey his love of music. There are several sharp remarks about Wagner. Exemplaire gauchi, un feuillet ressorti. Plate signed Paul Souze on the ball.

Second flat good, but darker areas and a whitish spot. Remarkably fresh paper, totally freckles, very appreciable. About this Item: Paris, Hachette, In, pages. Couverture souple. Condition: bon. RO Seller Inventory RO Cardboard Hetzel editor "in the range of an elephant" in full red calico signed Engel, various gold scientific instruments in the foreground second type of flat "i" as indicated by JAUZAC back to the lighthouse, blue endpapers origins all edges gilt. Dos bien. Second plats assez bien avec des zones plus sombres.

Papier bien frais, exempt de rousseurs. Cartonnage editor Hetzel "with the fan to an elephant" full red percaline signed Engel, various golden scientific instruments in the foreground, second flat type Engel "i" with the monogram JH in straight letters, back to the lighthouse, cover pages blue origins, all golden slices. Beautiful first plate. Back well. The outer edges, high, have been rubbed, tearing the percaline in places, this is the main defect of this copy.

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Caps softened and a little rubbed. Set slightly warped. Fresh paper, freckles free. Second tirage du cartonnage "Aux feuillles d'acanthe". Second edition of the cartonnage "With acanthus leaves".

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Publisher cardboard says "Acanthus leaves" red macaron. Beautiful first plate with discoloration points in the macaroon. Split bit head on 4 cm. Coins slightly folded. A blunt corner. Caps collapsed and folded. Second flat net but bearing on the upper part of whitish traces of slight discoloration. Small lack of percaline in low border.

Internal hinge narrowly split between the 2 pages of guard.

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A notebook a little out. Fresh copy freckled, paper uniformly a little tinted. Les autres coins bien pointus. Papier parfaitement frais, totalement exempt de rousseurs. Publisher cardboard says "Au steamer" with golden macaroon. Very nice first plate, with a scratched area to the right of the badge. High right corner folded.

Utopie de la mort et mort de l'utopie chez Jules Verne - Persée

The other sharp corners. Net back with the headdresses a little soft and rubbed. Perfectly fresh paper, totally freckled. Volume a little warped, the top dish overflowing the second board 5 minutes. Very nice copy. Second plat abev biseau haut sali, une petite tache de mouillure dans le bas. Catalog CH for the year Sign signed Souze.

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Second flat type e1 with central macaroon on black background, with geometric pattern framing. Beautiful upper plate, slightly darker area in the upper bevel at the top.

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Sagging headdresses. Coins folded. Back very well. Second flat abev top bevel soiled, a small stain of wetness in the bottom. Scattered burns, mainly in the margins, with some layers of brownish textures. The author was inspired in particular by Robinson Crusoe for the existence of castaways on a desert island.

Published by Collection Hetzel, Paris nd and About this Item: Collection Hetzel, Paris nd and Forty-first double volume with Le Phare du bout du monde, a novel rewritten and modified by Michel Verne. Two volumes in one, with two title pages, two frontispieces, and pp. Bound in a striking red pictorial cloth binding with several gilt vignettes, accented with green leaves, pictorial gilt spine with blue accents, all edges gilt, minor light wear to corners and spine ends, a touch of bubbling to cloth on rear board, inner hinges re-enforced, over all a very handsome, bright copy of one of Verne's last works.

Published by Collection Hetzel, Paris. About this Item: Collection Hetzel, Paris. Une gravure en frontispice sous serpente. About this Item: Les Voyages Extraordinaires. Illustrations de L. Benett et nombreuses photographies. Cartonnage polychrome au steamer.

Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)
Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition) Lile a helice, Partie 2 (illustré) (French Edition)

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