Men of Character: Nehemiah

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A tender heart

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Notes and Commentary on Nehemiah

And lastly, Nehemiah believes that God forgives His people for their sins; He is gracious and His love is unconditional, despite their seasons of disobedience, rejection, or rebellion. What if, in that moment instead, you pray? Or have you ever experienced an emotion - nerves about an upcoming meeting, frustration over children, irritation in traffic, disappointment with a spouse, sadness over bad news - and just kind of sulked in the emotion: you took deep breaths, let expletives fill your mind, maybe called a friend?

What if, in that moment, you pray instead? A person with an active, dependent prayer life who believes that God is faithful and attentive, believes in the power of rocket prayers - those quick, in-the-moment, not pretty or articulate prayers that shoot up toward the heavens with speed and force.

Nehemiah reaps the benefits of rocket prayers. In Nehemiah , Nehemiah instinctively prays for protection from the opposition against surrounding leaders, to which God finds favor.

God is faithful. God is attentive.

Nehemiah the Prayer Warrior: Follow His Lead

God is listening and ready to work. Have you ever been in a situation that is serious, confusing, or heartbreaking? Or you got a phone call that changed your life? Or you woke up to the reality that your poor choices are harming you or your family? In contrast to rocket prayers, a sunrise prayer is one that is slower, more drawn out, has various shades and layers and colors that draw out darkness and illuminate the heart.

He confesses with bold humility b Nehemiah understands that God already knows his sin and shortcomings. He humbly confesses the sin of the collective Israel himself included out of reverence for His God. He proclaims the Word of God He asks with intention v And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Consider your prayer life as you would a relationship between a husband and wife.

In a healthy marriage, both rocket conversation and sunrise conversations are good and necessary to keep the relationship thriving. If the only time a husband and wife communicated were through short, one-sentence text messages or scribbles on notepads, the relationship would lack depth, understanding, and humility. Similarly, our relationship with God best thrives and is experienced in its fullness through an active, revering, and balanced prayer life that is rooted in the spiritual foundations that God is faithful to answer, attentive to the details, and forgiving toward those who fear Him.

It is through this diligent pattern of experience, pray, and respond that we, like Nehemiah, can cultivate spiritual maturity that enables us to obey Paul when he wrote in Colossians b,. So, Nehemiah was a great leader because God led and he obeyed. He was a successful employee because God blessed it. He was a compassionate countryman because God put it on his heart and he responded.

He was able to live with confidence, perseverance, and integrity because God was the ruler of his life and he maintained a diligent and dependent relationship with Him.

Men of Character: Nehemiah Men of Character: Nehemiah
Men of Character: Nehemiah Men of Character: Nehemiah
Men of Character: Nehemiah Men of Character: Nehemiah
Men of Character: Nehemiah Men of Character: Nehemiah
Men of Character: Nehemiah Men of Character: Nehemiah

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