The Franchise Buyers Manual

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The manual needs to be broken down in order to be readable and understandable to the franchisee.

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Sections and management of the operations manual layout should make sense and be simple to understand. The Manual should present well. When a franchise buyer is looking at a franchise opportunity, they will want to see a document that looks substantial, professional and seems like you as the franchisor actually know something about the business and have value to add in the franchise opportunity.

The Operations Manual

This means that the document has a legal value and if drafted correctly, will act as a legal liability limiter for the franchisor. The Franchise Operations Manual also allows the franchisor to define and maintain consistency throughout the franchise network. The Franchise Operations manual can be referred to the Bible of the Business and is usually a different layout than the Employee Handbook which would cover policies, basic employee procedures and some of the day to day responsibilities of employees.

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If a Franchise Operations Manual is written the right way, it should lessen the amount of simple questions from franchisees. They recommend you do these 12 things before you buy a franchise. Avail yourself of publicly available information on the ABCs of franchising.

Did you know that many franchisees are required to spend a designated amount on advertising and yet have no control over how those ad dollars are spent? All the trials and triumphs of building a business — delivered to your inbox. How do you feel about cold calling?

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  • 2. Scrupulously avoid wording that implies joint employment.

Business-to-business sales? The product involved technology, which attracted tech-savvy franchisees. But some of them hated sales, the most essential part of the business. They flopped.

Shopping for a Franchise? What to Look for in Franchise Training

Experience also matters. What do you know about food service and management? Look beyond the minimum requirement for buying a franchise, usually listed as the franchise fee and the cost of equipment. Getting a franchise up and running can involve hefty marketing costs and the need to survive on break-even books, or a period of net losses, before your business catches on.

Franchise or Business Opportunity?

The Franchise Disclosure Document FDD , which franchisors must make available to would-be franchisees, is required to list additional working capital under item No. You should have access to capital that will cover both business expenses for six months and personal living expenses for a year. Most franchise consultants are paid salespeople, according to Sean Kelly. Ask them to make their financial arrangements clear, up front.

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Not true. They fail at roughly the same rate as other businesses, which is to say two-thirds of businesses with employees last two years, and half survive at least five, according to findings by the Small Business Administration. Blue Mau Mau also reports on the franchise industry. FDDs include the names and phone numbers of current franchisees.

Talk to at least Ask about pros, cons, and hidden costs. How long did it take them to become profitable? How much did they budget for their enterprise, and how much did they wind up spending? What was the toughest part of building the business?

The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual
The Franchise Buyers Manual The Franchise Buyers Manual

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