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High status, high income: this is Britain’s new working class | Lynsey Hanley

Peoplehave the right to identify however they want.

Class issues

But imagine the power of uniting the working class across the country — we would counter the huge power and wealth that sits at the top of society. More than that, working-class solidarity was the basis of huge strides in British history, including the establishment of a modern caring state. With a shared class identity, we would rewire social justice. This is also about the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

They were the British working class. Yet we found examples of working-class communities coming together to fight for local justice. Even as estates and factories are demolished, and communities split up, still the bonds of unity in adversity remain. The working class is down but not out.

Topics Class issues Opinion. Inequality Race comment. On the other hand, two of the 20 — as far as we are aware — are not playing football any more. Many things can contribute towards whether a player makes it. Injuries can play a huge part, while the mental side of the game should not be underestimated.

In addition, players develop at a different ages.

You won’t find tomorrow’s blatherskites in the class divide | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian

In , when Steven Gerrard was working as the Liverpool Under coach, we interviewed him about what it takes to make it from the academy to the first team. I think all the top players come from the street, that type of player. The kids in our academy are coming into an unbelievable place to work, they are getting boss food, they are getting picked up and the full-time lads get a lot more money than we got when we started. They get into a comfort zone of working in a lovely place and then it is a big shock for them when they have to move on or get released.

World Class Fireworks - The Guardian (7 Shots) #1

Then it is sink or swim — and a lot of them sink. The encouraging thing for these talented youngsters is that even if you sink on your first attempt with a first team there is often a way back. What she cares about is the story about Trump and Russia. Climate scientists?

Union leaders? The impeachment story is the kind of scandal that makes for great television.

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But how much do ordinary people really care? As Maximilian Alvarez shows in a thorough new essay for the Nation, the media systematically ignores the voices of actual working-class people, and shows almost no interest in their concerns.

'A horrible weight on my shoulders': the fury fuelling the robodebt class action

Alvarez, on the other hand, lets workers speak in their own voices on his excellent podcast Working People. To cover him fairly would require them to re-examine their entire values and priorities. As he writes in his book Our Revolution : For years, major crises like climate change, the impact of trade agreements on our economy, the role of big money in politics, and youth unemployment have received scant media coverage.

Britain is run by a self-serving clique. That’s why it’s in crisis | Gary Younge
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class The Guardian Class

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