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Heathcock understands this. To understand is one thing, to write such unflinching and harrowing stories about it with such grace and empathy is another. From base camp to the summit — here is an overview of the climb. This huge tour-de-force by a master scrivener begins with a college admissions interview that goes terrifically off the rails. My heart rises. All oppression is relieved.

All impediment is removed. He has imposed order. Knives cut again. Great literature is replete with contrasts.

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Tone and Mood, Character and Setting, and nearly all successful use of analogy and metaphor employ this device. A well-stocked library and a well-read mind also reflect the technique of juxtaposition of two differing elements in such a way as to stimulate interest, ideas, and understanding, avoiding the concretization that may result from a fixed and singular approach.

Like Wallace, Woolf took her own life after reaching the apex of her art. The body of work she left behind allows us to inhabit a mind uniquely shaped to understand the deeper nature of our species.

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Like Hamlet in the extreme, all six of the speaking characters in the novel use soliloquy to articulate their innermost selves. Woolf hooks the reader through the use of a powerful metaphor, that of ocean waves at sunrise, beginning far out to sea and running to the shore, where they break in a moment of existential fulfillment. This poetic image, reflected in the language, a poetic-prose, represents the lives of the characters, and indeed, of all living things. There are no boundaries to mark the beginning of one monologue and the start of the next.


The plot is loose, hanging together on the tragedy of a seventh character whose death halfway through forms the basis of much reflection on the part of the survivors. A close reader meets six distinctive personalities as they navigate the journey from early childhood to full adult life, bound by tragedy and the world they inhabit, yet each enjoying or suffering an independent existence. By this point in our climb to the top, we are comfortably able to read closely, to discern plot, character, theme, and allusion, to identify and discuss genre elements, and to have formed ideas of taste, both ours and that of the world at large.

Here, as the slope grows ever steeper, we are invested in our quest and nearing the point of no return. To complete this phase, we look to a well-known, but seldom-read writer. Drawing on Faust for his master plot, Gaddis brings much of early Christian thought onto the pages of a novel set in early-mid 20th C. New York City. So they called for Paul Bunyan to give them a hand. Ask any old timer who was logging that winter, and they'll tell you I ain't lying when I say his kitchen covered about ten miles of territory.

No bronco could throw him, no sir!

Fact is, I only heard of Bill getting' throwed once in his whole career as a cowboy. Yep, it was that time he was up Kansas way and decided to ride him a tornado. No doubt. He had dozens of wives during his time. But his one true love was Slue-foot Sue. She was his first wife - and she could ride almost as good as Bill himself Pecos Bill finds a Hard Outfit Well now, Texas jest became too tame for Pecos Bill once he killed off all the bad men, so he struck out for New Mexico, looking for a hard outfit. He asked an old trapper he met on the way where he could find a hard outfit, and the trapper directed Bill to a place where the fellers bit nails in half for fun.

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It sounded like a promisin' place to Bill, so he set off. But his durned fool hoss got its neck broke on the way, and Bill found himself afoot Phantom Drummer Now when Colonel Howell of the British Army chanced to meet the daughter of the wealthy farmer Jarrett, who owned land near Valley Forge, he fell head-over-heels in love. Howell had a bit of a reputation as a womanizer, but it faded away after he met Ruth. The girl had a brother serving under Washington and none of her family liked the red coats, but so overwhelming was Howell's love for her that it conquered the reluctant maiden's heart Phantom Lovers of Dismal Swamp He couldn't believe it when she fell ill just a few short weeks before their marriage.

His betrothed was beautiful, strong, and healthy, but she just faded away before his eyes.

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He held her in his arms as she gasped out her last breathe, and was inconsolable long after her body lay buried beside the Dismal Swamp Phantom Train Wreck The passengers were grumpy and heavy-eyed as they boarded the train in Salisbury during the early morning of August 27, The train was headed to Asheville, and the riders settled into their seats and tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep Piece By Piece There once was a crazy ghost over Poughkeepsie way that got folks so plumb scared that nobody would stay more than one night in its house.

It was a nice old place, or was, until the ghost began making its presence known. It got so no one would enter the house, not even kids on a dare, and you know what they are like! Presumed Drowned In , the Newfoundland sailed up to the Ice with a crew of men. On March 30th, seventy-seven men went out on the Ice to kill seals.

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A mighty storm came up while the men were out, that lasted two days, and the men could not make it back to the ship Cadillac, founder of Detroit, encountered the Nain Rouge while sitting on the bank of the Detroit River. Round River Drive Well now Paul Bunyan scouted around the north woods of Wisconsin for quite a while afore he found the perfect spot for his winter lumber camp. She was tougher than a grumpy she-bear and faster than a wildcat with his tail on fire and sweeter than honey, so that even hornets would let her use their nest for a Sunday-go-to-Meeting hat.

Sasquatch I got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Larry's place to pick him up. We were going hiking along our favorite trail in the back of beyond. It was a sunny day, but not too hot; a perfect day for hiking. Larry and I walked along the rugged path leading into the woods, chatting off and on as the mood struck us Sasquatch and the Bear Take a look over at this gravel bar on our left. You see where the gravel bar meets the tree line up there and how it forms those shadows?

Well, standing back there in those shadows was a big old Sasquatch.

by Lew Wallace

But, we had some people on board who had never seen one, so we idled down to watch. Shadow Train A miner was on his way to Dos Cabezas, where here heard there was good prospecting, when he found himself lost and alone in the flats just north of the Dragoon Mountains. In the blistering sun of midday, his burro dropped dead from heatstroke and the prospector knew that he would shortly follow if he did not find shelter and something to drink. Sheep Herder's Lawsuit A sheep herder from Montana fell afoul of the law and hired a lawyer to get him off if he could.

The lawyer realized that it was an open and shut case, and advised the sheep herder to pretend that he had a bit of Sheep Herder's Complaint. Sinks Nevada rivers empty into a series of small lakes which have no visible outlets. These lakes are called sinks because the water just sinks away Slide-Rock Bolters Way up in the mountains of Colorado lurks the slide-rock bolter. This creature has a huge head, slits where its eyes should be and a wide mouth with long, sharp teeth Spuyten Duyvil Once in old New Amsterdam, there was a brave trumpeter named Anthony Van Corlaer who would blow his trumpet when Peter Stuyvesant wanted to call the people together Teething Toy Well now, you've probably heard it rumored that here in Deadwood we have such a tough neighborhood that our babies teeth on guns.

And the fact of the matter is, this is the very truth. I happen to know the lady who was responsible for the start of this rumor Telltale Seaweed Two sisters were motoring through Cape Cod late one stormy night in the early 's when their car broke down in an unpopulated area. Seeing an old, neglected house nearby, they went to the door and tugged on the bell-pull. When no one answered, they looked through a nearby window whose shutter was banging in the bitter wind. The window was broken. Through the window, they could see a library. The dust lay heavy over everything The Birth of Pecos Bill Well now Pecos Bill was born in the usual way to a real nice cowpoke and his wife who were journeying west with their eighteen children.

Bill's Ma knew right from the start that he was something else.

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He started talkin' before he was a month old, did his teething on his Pa's bowie knife and rode his first horse jest as soon as he learned to sit up on his own. When he started to crawl, Pecos Bill would slither out of the wagon while his Mama was cookin' supper and wrestle with the bear cubs and other wild animals that roamed the prairies The Bloodstain The Phelps place was an old, abandoned property with a monstrous, decrepit Victorian house that was supposed to be haunted.

It should have been a good resting place for the local deer hunters, but they would not go near it. A few that tried came away before midnight with tales of ghostly thumping noises, gasps, moans, and a terrible wet bloodstain that appeared on the floor of the front porch and could not be wiped away.

The Crows are in the Corn It happened in Georgia not long ago, that a farmer and his wife decided to sleep late, like the rich folk do.

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the kind that brings all God's creatures out to play. But not these farm folk. No, they just slept and slept and slept The Crystal Mountain According to the latest reports, there is a crystal mountain residing somewhere in Wyoming. You can't see nothing of it, it being clear straight through. But folks hereabouts reckon its about three miles around at the base, on account of all the bones of birds which killed themselves crashing into the danged thing The Cut-off The devil was in the Mississippi River that night.

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You could feel it with every eddy swirling against the helm of the boat. You could hear it in every jangle of the bell. You could see it in the dim light of the lantern as it tried to pierce the swirling fog Nope, not even Bill could figure out how to do that. Here's how he died The Doctor and the Ghost Little Simeon came running into the surgery. He bent over, winded, and gasped desperately several times before he could speak.

Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)
Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1) Waking Woods (The Courser & Wallace Chronicles Book 1)

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