White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)

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Presents information about the history of boating, different types of boats, and how to learn white-water rafting. Jeff C. Young, The writing of this book has afforded him pleasure in his leisure moments, and that pleasure would be much increased if he knew that the perusal of it would create any bond of sympathy between himself and the angling community in general. Richard C. Cill, The only guidebook describing the 86 rivers found in this area Researched and written by a team of enthusiastic local paddlers the book contains detailed maps color photography and more White Water Pyrenees contains information on 85 white Patrick Santal, Carolyn Keene.

This road isn't going anywhere but down.

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Carolyn Keene, Tulsa man inside White Water Park toilet arrested as peeping Tom. The woman and her 7-year-old daughter went to use the women's restroom at White Water Park near Keystone Dam around 5 p. Deputies say Ambra Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

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NOOK Book. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 5. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview There's never a dull moment at Eagle Lodge.

White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge #3) by Linda I. Shands

Whether it's riding Lily on a steep mountain trail, encountering a bear, or saving her brother from one of his close calls, Wakara is always in the middle of excitement. In book three, an antique journal reveals a stunning surprise: The first Wakara was indeed her ancestor, but she wasn't even close to who Wakara thought she was. Then, just when she thinks she and Colin might become more than friends, he starts ignoring her.

To make matters worse, Dad is suddenly treating her as if she were ten instead of almost sixteen, and she can't figure out why. As always, Wakara is stressed about taking care of Ryan, her accident-prone seven-year-old brother. When Colin leads the gang on a white water rafting trip, he makes a crucial error in judgment, and Ryan is swept out of the boat.

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A desperate search-and-rescue operation ensues, with Wakara right in the middle. Can she ever forgive Colin for putting Ryan's life at risk? Product Details About the Author. Dad had jumped at the idea. The kids have Friday off. Kara shook off her thoughts and turned her attention back to the seven-story movie screen. They had visited the Grand Canyon this morning and had taken the shuttle all along the west rim. The view had been sensational.

But watching the video afterwards, she felt as if she were really soaring with the eagle, then gliding in an ultralight over the cliffs and the river below.

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When the movie ended, she sat for a minute more, entranced, then followed Dad and Ryan to the gift shop, where they stood in line to buy a copy of the film. That was so cool! Me too, Tiger. Kara tuned him out. She missed Greg and Colin too. Kara sighed. Anne, their Nez Perce cook, would take care of him.

(ebook) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)

And Colin was there to help with anything they needed. She felt a slight flush at the thought of Colin. But she definitely did not think of him as a brother. Penny for your thoughts, Wakara. She looked up to see Dad holding the door of the rental car for her, a teasing grin flashing across his face. Kara felt the heat spread from her hair roots to her toenails. Uh, I was just thinking about how much fun this is! Her voice sounded panicky.

Way to go, Wako. She ducked her head and eased into the backseat with Ryan. Ryan slept on the short hop from Page to the airport in Phoenix. By the time they got clearance to land, Kara was yawning as well. She grinned and returned his bear hug, then stepped back as he held her shoulders and studied her face. His smile grew wistful. She was proud of her Native American heritage.

From the drawing she had of her great-grandmother, Kara knew she had been a beautiful young woman.

And even though she had died when Grandpa was only five, it made Kara feel good to know he still remembered his mother. Aunt Peg lived in a retirement community just outside of Phoenix.

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Her small, adobe-style bungalow would have fit snugly into the downstairs part of their ranch house in Lariat. Kara carried her suitcase into the closet-sized bedroom she would share with Ryan. Dad would bunk in with Grandpa. Kara was secretly glad they were staying only a few days.

The walled community teamed with people and cars, and even included a busy shopping center. Around the outside walls the desert spread dry and barren in three directions, while on the other side a four-lane highway separated the compound from the bustling city of Phoenix. She drifted off to sleep around 2 A. She showered quickly, pulled on shorts and a T-shirt, and hurried downstairs.

Oh, Wakara. Come give us a hug. Your mother would have our hides, God bless her. When Mom was alive, she made sure the entire family got together at least once a year. All except for Grandpa Sheridan, of course. Grandma Sheridan had died before Kara was born, and Grandpa had moved to Ireland shortly after.

White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)
White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3) White Water (Wakara of Eagle Lodge Book #3)

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